• Ben Robinson

What Is The Right Glass For You?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

When it comes to selecting the right glass, use our guide below for some handy hints.

Choose from several designs

Glass can provide your Commercial or Residence with increased energy efficiency, by either reflecting the external heat and capturing the internal cool composure in the summer heat or reflecting the external cold climate and capturing the internal warmth of the winter chill. This will reduce your energy consumption and overall comfortability of your household.

Do you want to maximise the natural light??

Glass can provide different levels of security due to the type and thickness of the glass without achieving the jail / fortress effect.

Internal fading of objects / flooring / finishings can be reduced by the UV Value of the glass.

Noise Levels can be reduced by the thickness or the type of glass.

Does your residence have a required SHGC and UV Level the glass is to obtain?

Australian Building Regulations know state that every new house is to comply to certain energy efficiency levels of both glass and framing to reduce household energy consumption.

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