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How Often Should I Clean My Windows and Doors?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

These handy tips will give you an idea on how to keep your glass looking as clean as the day it was installed.

Ideally, windows and doors should be cleaned a couple of times a year. Having streak free glass can transform living spaces with minimal effort.

Water can be hot or cold with a good detergent (Morning Fresh or Earth Choice). When water combines with detergent it will form a soapy solution - the less suds the better.

Using the solution, wash the glass with a Window Applicator (lambs wool) starting at the top, making your way to the bottom, washing glass and the framing of the window or door.

Starting at the top left hand corner, pull your Squeegee over the soapy glass in a reverse “s “ pattern making your way down the Glass, making sure no suds are left on the glass. Wipe the squeegee rubber at the end of each stoke to remove water and dirt.

Remove any water remaining on window framing with damp cotton cloth, or Chamois.

Clean any hardware, springs or stops with a damp cotton cloth leaving no or little water. This will stop corrosion of any working parts.

Handy Tips

Note if your window or glass door is tinted, you will achieve a better streak free finish if the glass is in the shade or it is cold.

If a cloudy stain is still left on glass apply a slightly watered down solution of CRL to the glass, then repeat the cleaning process again. Ensure this solution is only applied to the glass, not the framing or hardware as this could escalate the corrosion process.

Remove lime deposits with a vinegar and ammonia solution.

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